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I would like to present my White Royal Bedroom in all it's glory. My biggest inspiration in designing this bedroom, was when I visited The Palace Of Versailles

The Palace Of Versailles really gave me a big boost in my imagination and creativity all together. So I started to gather more references in details etc. So one day I have decided to create my own version of design, which translated into a more brighter and elevated space. 

I designed a bedroom area with a white dominating color and a smooth and light taupe color. So it would give warmth to this place as well. Because for some people white color can re-present a cold color & for some cold or neutral. So I had to introduce some warmer tone colors, but not trying to over exaggerate it.

I hope that this space will give you the same emotions that it gave me. Which is: History, Space, Freedom, Happiness & Old Memories and last but not least LOVE

This project has a full 360 Virtual Tour, so if you would like to experience it in 360 Virtual Space, please visit: White Royal Bedroom - 360 Virtual Tour

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