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This project THE ROAD BEYOND was created for my own personal portfolio. But the main thing here was to implement a MILKY WAY sky into a CGI. And I think it worked out quite well.

Now this scene is not  very complicated, but it made me discover new techniques in my workflow and rendering these kind of images. This image has a small story behind it, but I will leave it for you to create your own story, when looking at these images of the vast space and our mother earth.

In my production work with my clients I usually work on architectural projects, exteriors and interiors. So, in my opinion, sometimes it is very healthy to open your mind and creativity a bit wider and explore new projects, compositions, lighting techniques and improve yourself not only in architectural work, but in story telling as well.

In general, I think that there will be other people who will appreciate this kind of work as well, but every client is very unique, so I always try to adapt, what the client needs from his project.

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