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I think that in today's busy lifestyle everyone of us wants to just sometimes run away from all the noise and rush. So I did put my heart in designing something like this just for you. 

Low maintenance, minimalist garden. A cozy fire place, lounge area to chill out in  the evenings. Modern wooden summer house, with enough space for all of your simple needs. 

En Suite, bedroom and a living area under one unique wooden ceiling. This place just screams UNIQUE. This summer house in the woods is just a perfect place for two people to run away and spend a night or two. 


I hope that you will enjoy this SUMMER HOUSE in the same way, as I was enjoying designing it. If you will have any questions in regards of this project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This project has a full 360 Virtual Tour, so if you would like to experience it in 360 Virtual Space, please visit: Summer House - 360 Virtual Tour

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