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Need a product visualization? I got you covered.  I also started creating product visualizations, for individuals and companies. One day I have decided to give a try to PRODUCT VISUALIZATION and I LOVED it.

I really enjoyed creating these custom modeled 3D Studio Scenes, that I have designed them. I also did take my lighting techniques a bit further from usual. 

The main design idea for this product ARTISAN MIXER was, to create a happy & playful environment using different color palettes. It made me experiment a bit more than usual, but in the end the project came out very nicely.

In this particular project I was not planning to create an animation, but in the near future I will experiment a lot more with product visualizations. I think that in product visualizations, the environment, lighting and composition plays a massive role in making the product look good. So experimenting with all of these aspects is the key for a good product presentation.

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