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This KITCHEN & LIVING IN LONDON CGI was created for marketing purposes, for a home developer company in London. This apartment was was used for a show home presentation. 

The apartment block was not built yet, so as a 3D Artist/Designer had an advantage of re-creating this apartment in a 3D environment and decorating it with all the needed assets. 

The advantage of the CGI is that the client can visualize their future homes, spaces, projects that will be built in the near future or the building process has already begun and the client wants to see how it will look or use the created imagery for marketing their future developments to their clients.

From exteriors to interiors. Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, en-suites, lobbies and so much more. You can design spaces beyond your dreams in front of your eyes. And that is why I love this kind of wok so much.

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