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This INDUSTRIAL LOFT design is one of the most special spaces that I have designed in 3D. I am not going to lie it took quite a lot of time to come up with a design idea for this kind of space INCLUDING the hidden pipe work design, which I think is very unique on it's own.

The design took place from the rear of the space in the corner. Wanted to take advantage of the height in this space. So I decided to make small cozy office place and a bedroom with stairs upstairs. In my opinion the book shelf which was incorporated into the stair base was a very good idea, because I have saved a bit of space and it made the staircase look unique and interesting. 

I small solo lounge area in the back worked out very well as well. A small sized sideboard, vintage radio, vintage pipe table lamp and last, but not least the famous Eames Lounge Chair.

I think there is not enough space here to express my ideas and why did I express them in this way and not in the other. So, please take this space very slowly because there is a lot to take in after all.

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