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This C&M BATHROOM stands for Classic & Modern Bathroom. So the main idea was to design a bathroom space in a classic way, but keeping it in a modern design look. 

I wanted to implement mosaic tiles to some areas and make the place look unique and nice. A big obscure window to let the natural light in and make the place feel special. 

Because this bathroom is for two, I wanted to add some feminine details like the two elegant table lamps and some decorations. The LED back light behind the mirrors also gives this bathroom a unique touch and the lowered down ceiling with an LED strip light above.

For the shower unit I wanted to design something simple and unique. Finally I came up with an design idea to make a solid plastic base using a glossy wooden texture and adding three big knobs for simple controls.

This project has a full 360 Virtual Tour, so if you would like to experience it in 360 Virtual Space, please visit: C&M Bathroom - 360 Virtual Tour

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