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I really enjoyed designing this CLASSIC BATHROOM. In my opinion it came out looking very stylish and unique. I tried to give this bathroom a classic look, but at the same time give it a bit of FUNK

The vanity unit has a push pull big drawer, and two ellipse shape basins, inserted into a piece of marble.


Now I did try to present this design idea in the best way possible. So I did play around with beautiful colors of 2020 like: dark navy blue, peach and my most favorite the forest green color.


Another favorite part in this bathroom, that I loved are the mirror design and the inserted LED light around it. And last, but not least the size of them. It does feel like they are very big and they are telling , that this bathroom space is spacious.


I also had to put some life to this bathroom interior, so what could give life, to a dead space, if not adding some tropical, big leaf plants, like a banana plant. Those big, green leaves really refreshes this space with life. 

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