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I have made this BEDROOM IN DUBAI design in my spare time, just to improve my creativity and experiment more with the furniture designs and the lighting it self. 

Usually I do not have the time to create personal projects for for my improvement, because I am so busy with client production work. But whenever I have some spare time, I do try to spend it in developing new skills and designs.

The idea here was to create a neutral looking bedroom. Using beige, brown and grey neutral color palette, I was able to achieve this kind of look. I did try to use a bit more luxurious furniture pieces, just to make this bedroom stand out a bit out of the ordinary apartment bedroom designs.

In my opinion, I think everything works very well here and nothing looks completely out of place. Bigger spaces tend to look always better, but sometimes we need to learn how to work with tight and small spaces also.

So this was a very good practice.

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