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I have done hundreds of apartment bathrooms in my career and most of them look very similar. One day, I told to my self that, I am pretty sure I can make these standard spaces look much more nicer than usual. And give them a bit more love re-designing them. 

In my opinion: because these standard apartment bathrooms are so similar, as in the space structure, vanity unit structure etc. I had to first find a beautiful and unique tile texture to go on the walls and the floors. Because it is the most dominating thing in the bathroom, it had to look UNIQUE.

Bathroom appliances had to be more on the standard side, but still I had to improvise just a little bit. And I think that everything works quite well in this small bathroom.

Of course I could take this even further, but I had to put this in a "STANDARD" shell. Sometimes I would love to DESIGN spaces in a completely free way, but sometimes we need to work, with what we have.

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